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Benson Ikechukwu Princewill better known as CPrince can be best described as the new wonder boy of Afrobeats. With a new sound that caters to both young and old, C Prince is the breath of fresh air that the music industry needs today. He started out as one of the co-founders of an Afrobeats / hip-hop and dance group called ‘Free to Rhyme’. However, after a few years with the group, he decided to go solo to further pursue his career. CPrince independently released his first solo single in 2011 which caught the attention of an A&R executive of Royalty Records which led to him finally being signed. A few years after being noticed he has released two exclusive singles called ‘Sexy Mama’ and Achalugo with an album in the works. ( Cprince ) is a musical, recording and performing artist signed under an international record label whose branch is in Lagos Nigeria. RoyaltyRecords ltd. Cprince has released several songs with the title “ Sexy mama, Ginger, Achalugo and African Something

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