Team RR

Stacy Cleveland

Music Artist Developer A well groomed and experienced Artist developer who has spent over two decades in the Entertainment industry nurturing and helping build brands. Stacy is not new to the music industry as she has been working with Tony Moore’s Lazerbeam Productions where she has debuted as a Co-Producer for the featured film ‘Japanese Azteroids’ she has always been an aspiring Playwright and Author prior to this time. Stacy also worked with Germantown Drama Ministry as Script/Stage manager through her company Heavenly Visions Music.

Stacy has joined Royalty Records & Monarch Empire to help build Artist and take them to the next level, success remains paramount as it is a pleasure to have Stacy on our team and the primary goal is to build successful careers for the Royals.

Prince Ugochukwu Otulaka

Manager Concert/Logistics Ugobueze as he is called was born into a musical oriented family, as a child growing up he watched his uncle get into the Entertainment circuit and successfully establish himself as a great Artist in the 70s and 80s. After his Education in his Early adulthood, Ugobueze worked and handled logistics for his Uncle HRH Eze Mike Abi while managing his father’s guestlodge, this has given him so much business knowledge and understanding which makes him confident in every business he conducts. With a firm hand for accountancy, he is known for his prudent and transparent manner of business approach. Later on he went ahead to establish his own company Ugobest Ltd, which includes Services, Merchandise sales and also distributorship with Nigerian Breweries.

A unique business accumen he has indeed developed over the years, this translates in good results in his daily transactions and business activities, hard work and dedication is what he has always strived and implemented in any role he holds, this has helped Royalty Records in preparations and deal breaking decisions.

Temitope Okunfolami

Public Relations officer & Management Consultant Temitope Okunfolami is known for being hard working and dedicated, a young lady filled with motivation and zeal to excel in all that she is involved with. A British trained lawyer with the experience of PR and consultancy, she joined the Royals in order to build and help break out Artists as well as take the company to its Zenith. With a British and Nigerian education, she is qualified and very persistent as a team leader, she works closely with other Royals and has been improving the behavorial character of Artists and also ensuring that their project is a focus, making sure that other Royals are timely and that the company is well represented.

Adedoyin Adesanya

Public relations officer & I.T/Marketing Head An experienced PR expert that has been given great exposure whilst working with reputable firms. Adedoyin is a graduate of Osun state University and was active with the School union where he was able to organize events and help the show gain more exposure. A very dedicated and focused Royal and a great Asset to his team, he has been credited for bringing about new ideas with diversity in order to uplift the Royals as well as the Company. Doyin also has a blog which is on the rise, it features news, entertainment and general issues daily. A well trained professional who understands the importance of loyalty and growth in an organization, with the important Role he plays in the company’s day to day affairs he can certainly be seen as exemplary for other team members, through his commitment of hardwork and diligence in all that he does.