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Benson Ikechukwu Princewill better known as C Prince can be best described as the new wonder boy of Afrobeats. With a new sound that caters to both young and old, C Prince is the breath of fresh air that the music industry needs today.

He started out as one of the co-founders of an Afrobeats / hip-hop and dance group called ‘Free to Rhy ...... [Read More]


Hamza Noah, best known by his stage name B-TONE was born and raised in Kogi State, Nigeria. He is the first of three Children. He studied at kogi state’s polytechnic where he Major’s in Biology.

He is an afropop/hip-hop singer,songwriter and performer. He started out music at a very early age, with great influence from friends ...... [Read More]

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6 06 17

Royalty Records stars to perform in the upcoming Monarch Summer BoxFest stay tuned for updates and tickets.


6 06 17


Royalty records releases yet another single by the talented C-Prince titled “Achalugo”. On his journey to success the Afro Beats artist C Prince has not forgotten about the husbands & wives ‘To Be’ especiall ...

22 05 17


Royalty records releases a new single by its very own c prince titled ‘Ginger’. With the struggles being faced in our country the reflective song sheds light on the political and economic issues in the country; also ...