Company Profile

Stanley Williams, the CEO and founder of Royalty Records is an established entrepreneur and generous philanthropist with a passion for timeless music. Royalty Records is a subsidiary of Monarch Empire (An Entertainment company).

Prince Williams as he is fondly called, was born in Hammersmith, one of London’s most prestigious boroughs into a family of musically influenced people. Stanley is a dedicated, ambitious and hardworking Titan and is now expanding his already established empire, by venturing into the Entertainment sector which Music is not only a passion but an Art which he has a natural talent and flare for and promises to bring a breath of fresh air in the industry.

Royalty Records was birthed, to raise the bar in music and create an international platform for artists to realize and achieve their dreams. Our Chief Executive has made it the mandate of Royalty Records that apart from record label churning out hit records, the standard and quality of living in the world today will also be elevated through its various platforms of outreach.

Our Chief Executive cares deeply about the less privileged. His efforts have been recognized by various establishments most recent was the UNA Committee in the United Kingdom, where he was Presented with an award for his ‘Philanthropic Contributions’ to the community. Holding the key title of ‘Onwa’ he understands that we rise by lifting others. Through Settled Peace Charity and Positive Life Foundation, he has gained recognition for the numerous outreach campaigns performed to raise the standard of living in the society.

‘We can make our world a better place by making human living standards better’